KORYO Lifestyle 1.2Ton Portable Air Conditioner Review

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Why have reviews become so important nowadays? Seems like everyone is looking for a good KORYO Lifestyle 1.2Ton Portable Air Conditioner review.

People look for reviews just to get to know more about a particular product’s features and functions.

I know there are many people out there who don’t give honest Koryo ac review, They just cover the main things only they don’t tell you in-depth.

But I’m here for you to give you the honest KORYO Lifestyle 1.2Ton Portable Air Conditioner review possible.

I’m not going to sell you anything bad. I’m just going to tell you the exact features and functions of the KORYO Lifestyle 1.2Ton Portable Air Conditioner.

I have given many reviews of the portable air conditioner before and all of them were liked by my audiences. WHY? Because I give honest reviews instead of fake and scam

Now, Let me tell you about the Koryo portable ac brand. KORYO is an Indian brand and has produced many great portable air conditioners over the years.

KORYO was not famous and known a few years ago. Nobody had known anything about it and recently the brand KORYO picked up and became way too famous.

Now the world recognizes the brand KORYO because of its valuable products and also have won many hearts over the years. Thermocore T2-PACH-14 14000 BTU portable Air conditioner offer

Additional Information & Features

Now I’ll tell you everything about KORYO Lifestyle 1.2Ton Portable Air Conditioner’s features and functions.

KORYO Lifestyle 1.2Ton Portable Air Conditioner Review

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I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it’s uniqueness and everything else.

  • Type: The type is obviously portable which is very easy to move and install. Portable air conditioners do everything very easily. Without troubling their owners like spilled air conditioners and window air conditioners. This is one of the reasons that portable air conditioners have very low complaint rates.
  • Filter Type: There are many rumors about its filter type and many are very curious to know KORYO Lifestyle 1.2Ton Portable Air Conditioner’s filter type. Its filter type is Anti Bacterial. This anti-bacteria filter will help to clean your place completely by removing all the bad dust and throwing it all outside. This is the reason why you don’t see any dust or dirt when KORYO Lifestyle 1.2Ton Portable Air Conditioner is on.
  • Front Panel Display:  It has a big Front panel display which gives you easy access to the settings and features of the portable air conditioner.  But panel display also makes it very easy for an owner to control the air conditioner perfectly. Because all the settings will be shown on-screen display easily. You can control the portable air conditioner very easily along with the panel display.
  • Remote Control: Portable air conditioner with remote control makes it easy for an owner to control the air conditioner very easily. For example: If you’re sitting far away from the portable air conditioner and you’re very tired and don’t want to get up. In these situations, you can easily control the portable air conditioner from just sitting far away with the remote.
  • Timer: Yes, It has a timer in it. You can set it easily on the sleeping mode timer or on the alarm also. Can you believe it? This portable air conditioner does have a timer that you can use to set up an alarm to help you wake up in the morning. If you have a meeting or any other important work.
  • Air Flow Direction: High airflow directions are very important for a portable air conditioner. Because the airflow of an air conditioner decides how powerful it’s airflow is. KORYO Lifestyle 1.2Ton Portable Air Conditioner airflow directions is about 4 way. The 4 way is a very powerful airflow.
  • Compressor: It has a powerful compressor as well. The compressor should be very powerful and it is Hitachi’s compressor which very good.
  • Power Consumption: These watt systems are related to power consumption and how much it’s a watt is, The actual watt of a KORYO Lifestyle 1.2Ton Portable Air Conditioner is 1650 Watt and the Refrigerant is about 410a.
  • Capacity: The capacity is very important for a portable air conditioner and it is a 1-ton capacity portable air conditioner. It doesn’t matter how the ton is but, you should always look for the best 1-ton portable air conditioner.
  • Warranty: It also comes with a warranty of 1 year. If something happens under 1 year you can easily exchange it without worrying about anything else.

Why is my KORYO portable air conditioner not cold

I see many people face this same problem when it comes to not cooling properly. The reason is that many people don’t close the door when AC is on.

So, always close the door when the portable air conditioner is on. If you don’t close the door while the Air conditioner is working then you might mess up your portable air conditioner.


Which brand of portable air conditioner is the best?

Speaking of brands then, there’s a lot of big portable air conditioner brands out there. But the one Which I’m going to talk about is KORYO and I highly recommend it.

KORYO’s portable air conditioners are very well maintained and great at cooling and performances. However, if you’re confused regrading brands then KORYO is the best brand for you.

What brand is the quietest portable air conditioner?

Nowadays people recommend quiet portable air conditioners rather than big bulky noisy air conditioners. Similarly, Like window AC and Split AC.

Actually, there are only very few portable air conditioner brands that produce quiet Portable AC, and the brand which I recommend is the KORYO brand.

Their portable AC’s are very quiet and good at performance.

Does portable AC work good?

You can ask those who already own a portable air conditioner and they will tell you how good Portable AC really is.

Portable AC doesn’t really trouble you as other air conditioners do. Because these portable AC are known for their quiet performance and excellent cooling capacity.

If you’re thinking to buy a Portable air conditioner machine then you don’t have to worry about good or not. Because it is just way too good and you’re gonna love it anyway.

What are the top 10 portable air conditioners?

When it comes to the top 10 portable air conditioners it gets hard for some people to choose the best one for themselves. In these cases, people tend to get confused but, I’m here to help you and tell you the top 10 best portable AC.

I have mentioned below the best top 10 portable air conditioners.

  1. Thermocore T2-PACH-14 14000 BTU portable Air conditioner
  2. Serenelife portable air conditioner
  3. Newair 14100e Portable Air Conditioner
  4. Tcl 14p31 14,000 btu portable air conditioner
  5. Haier HPND 14XHT 14,000 BTU 115V Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner
  6. JHS 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner
  7. Whirlpool 14,000 BTU Dual Exhaust Portable Air Conditioner
  8. De longhi 3 in 1 portable air conditioner
  9. Black + Decker bpact10wt portable air conditioner
  10. Blue Star 1 ton Portable AC

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